Field service app

Customer data is the be-all and end-all of every business relationship. But especially when you're on the move, you don't always have the data you need at hand.

Whether current quotations, the order history or the location, with the app the desired customer data is available everywhere and at any time. All business data is always securely encrypted and can be deleted immediately if the end device is lost. Always with the aim of providing your customers with optimal advice anytime and anywhere.

Of course, with this solution you can also plan the route of your customer visits and retrieve the desired information from the comfort of your office. The app also displays the customer base in the desired region, filtered according to your own defined criteria.

What we did

  • Process design
  • Architecture
  • Development (Frontend / Backend)
  • UX Design

Technologies we used

  • Web application with AngularJS
  • Web Cryptography API
  • Google Maps und Geolocation API
  • AWS (SNS, S3 ElasticBeanstalk)
  • Node.js


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