Headless CMS Website

Development of the new website of Creaholic - the innovation factory with a focus on creative product and service development, innovation culture and entrepreneurship.

In addition to the standard website components such as newsletter subscription, contact and blog, further functionalities such as AB testing and sophisticated animations were developed.

Easy and intuitive content management thanks to the headless CMS storyblok. Integration of HubSpot for strengthened sales & marketing activities. Implementation of comprehensive tracking and analytics with connection to Google, HubSpot and Hotjar Analytics.

“shiftcode shares our key principles - innovation, creativity, flexibility and the highest quality.”

Martin "Tinu" Anders - Creaholic AG

Product Website

What we did

  • Architecture
  • Development (Frontend / Backend)
  • storyblok headless CMS integration
  • HubSpot integration
  • Analytics (Google, HubSpot, Hotjar)

Technologies we used

  • Angular 10+
  • AWS (IaC / CDK, Lambda, S3, CloudFront)
  • HubSpot API
  • storyblok API
  • Analytics APIs (Google, HubSpot, Hotjar)


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