Aurum One

High intensity strength training with digital progress tracking.

AURUM's innovative training program combines the High Intensity Training (HIT) method and isokinetic training equipment in a single concept. Training is done with resistance-based movements. Software controls the start, end point and speed. In addition, a webapp provides the customer with a fully comprehensive overview of strength development over time. Shiftcode created a modern cloud architecture that takes into account the processes of the startup's targeted franchising distribution system. Subsequently, a cloud backend was developed that integrates the training device, the customer portal and the internal CRM. In this process, the end customer can book an appointment online via a website, this is automatically entered in the CRM and appears on the training device at the location. The training device can obtain the customer's individual settings and previous data and write them back after successful training. These are then visually processed for the end customer in the web portal, available for progress tracking.

“Our novel business idea also demands "out-of-the-box" thinking from our suppliers. shiftcode understood and supported our vision at the outset, and implemented the 360° solution that was suitable and tailored for it.”

Thomas Hofer - CTO, AURUM

Product Website

What we did

  • Process design
  • Serverless Architecture
  • Development (Backend)

Technologies we used

  • Graph DB (AWS Neptune, Apache ThinkerPop Gremlin)
  • MQTT (AWS IoT)
  • GraphQL API
  • AWS (Lambda, S3, Cognito Identity, SNS, CloudFormation, etc. )


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