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Service Integration

“You have to see things deep enough to make them easy.”

Konrad Adenauer

A system is generally understood as a totality of elements which are connected to each other and can thus be regarded as a task, sense or purpose-bound unit, as a structured, systematic whole. A sentence as definition and self-reference at the same time; a statement that refers to itself. A sentence that may not make sense until the second reading - or not yet. An aircraft can only fly and land safely if it adjusts its altitude. Only after take-off do individual details become entire landscapes. We have now reached our cruising altitude, read on to understand the big picture.

“In order to be an impeccable member of a flock of sheep, one must first of all be a sheep.”

Albert Einstein

Digital change is leading to ever more complex solutions. With the use of cloud services, the IT landscape is beginning to grow beyond the company's own boundaries. A wide variety of service providers offer solutions for specific processes and problems. The selection of the right software is difficult, because "right" is already very difficult to define. In addition, the exchange of information between these software as a service applications and with on-premises software is usually indispensable. Our experience, way of thinking and technological understanding help, because the devil is in the detail.

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.”


We reduce complexity and create clarity, in order to jointly understand your IT landscape, supplement it with the right services, simplify it if necessary, modernize it and standardize it. We always pursue a forward-looking, holistic approach for planning, developing, implementing and further evolving your enterprise architecture.


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