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Second opinion

“The sale of services depends on trust.”

Would you plan a house without an architect or carry out electrical and sanitary installations yourself? Would you enter the Eiger North Face as a tried and tested Sunday walker without training or a mountain guide? Even the brave and the daredevils would say no after a short hesitation.

“If wars were fought on the chessboard, chessboard manufacturers would be in favour.”

Emil Baschonga

Good equipment is important, regardless of the manufacturer. But the equipment alone without mountain guide and own experience does not bring you to the summit. Different views help to see problems on different levels and to design holistic solutions. We do not sell products, do not represent any manufacturer. We deal with the latest technical topics, abstract details, reduce complexity to create added value for customers and their customers. We don't just provide vendor-neutral advice. We accompany you to find the right answers together.

“Few people have the courage to give unpleasant advice.”

Christina von Schweden

Planning is Guessing. In order to keep the share of guessing as small as possible, experience is needed. We have that. We evaluate an offer with regard to factors such as price, time estimate, procedure and selected technology. We strengthen your decision-making and negotiating position - as an advisory board in meetings we provide the expertise to assess important questions. We examine the technological feasibility and performance, point out possible weak points and praise stroke of genius. We shrink your IT landscape to healthy size or let you grow. We help with the evaluation of software, ask the right questions and assess the essential criteria. We admit when we don't know something. We pick you up where you stand.


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