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Process design

“Nobody but me knows where the shoe pinches me.”

an ancient Roman

New shoes can squeeze, not fit on every foot, be too small or too big. New shoes often have to be worn in, sometimes replaced or exchanged. New shoes can be worn on black ice, on the mountain or in the snow giving support and make it possible to move light-footed through the forest and waterproof through the rain. But it does not always have to be a new pair of shoes. Sometimes an old, worn and loved shoe only needs a new sole, an insole or it has to be impregnated. In some places there is no need for shoes. Sand, meadows and pebbles feel completely different without shoes and barefoot may swim easier. But with fins, the goal is reached faster.

“Keep it up because we've always done it this way.”

far too many

There are thousands of different processes and hundreds of possibilities to optimize, change and make them more efficient. Particularly in times of digital transformation, rigidity and stubbornness, as well as "it's that way" thinking, represent an existential risk for every company. For us, it is not only the output, the end product that is decisive, but also the transformation of the input that inspires and fascinates us. We question given answers, are curious and persistent.

“Make tabula rasa.”

another ancient Roman

In our world we encounter constantly changing technologies, trends and tools and have learned not to necessarily adapt to all changes. Rather, it is worth questioning the underlying processes. Because in order to think out-of-the-box, we first have to get to know and understand the box. Not every process can and has to be digitally optimized. For many, it will be worth it and real added value can be created for customers and employees using digital tools. Change needs courage, but the often quoted "start-up spirit" - a word with many hyphens - slumbers in all of us. Let us help to awaken it together.


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