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Internet of Dinge / Internet of Things (IoT)

“Life isn't about finding pieces of a puzzle. It's about creating and assembling these extraordinary pieces.”


Forget the self-shopping fridge, it's already there. Think of yourself, your company, your products or services, your solutions. Think visionary and connected. Is it time that your objects, devices, machines and plants receive a unambiguous identity? And that they are equipped with sensors and controls and become more intelligent thanks to tailor-made software? Sensors generate data and pass it on via Machine-to-Machine, automated data exchange. Analyzed and integrated into processes, the data gain meaning. Modern radio standards such as LoRaWAN or 5G enable continuously running devices that consume hardly any energy and can communicate wirelessly.

“It's not about the parts, it's about how they work together.”


With us as a partner, the connection to the Internet of Things is a success. Simply put, IoT is a puzzle with five pieces from two worlds. We have to connect the physical world with the digital world.

Layer 5 Digital Service digital, global
Layer 4 Analytics
Layer 3 Connectivity Digital world Physical world
Layer 2 Sensor / Actuator
Layer 1 Physical thing physical, local
Together we extend the physical and direct benefits of your product with digital added value. With us, the data can be collected, stored, checked for plausibility and classified. We integrate additional services to network insights and derive consequences that facilitate your daily business and inspire your customers. We design and develop structured digital services, packaged in a suitable form and made available globally.

“It is always the small parts that make up the overall picture.”


The overall picture is only complete when all parts are connected. The individual pieces hardly make sense independently of each other, but rather influence the shape of the other puzzle pieces. Digital services are inextricably linked to physical things. Refine your products with smart technology, to create added value for your customers, your employees and your company. The true value of an IoT solution unfolds as a benefit from the physical product and associated digital services.


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