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Individual Service Level Agreement (SLA)

“If you don't make decisions, you get made by decisions.”

Willy Meurer

Individual means fitting to your needs and tailored to your imagination. Based on standards, guidelines and experience. But also suitable for architecture, technology, external service providers and customers. Start with a minimum of agreements, lightweight, lean and clear - like our solutions. On request also extensive, detailed and comprehensive. Not forever carved in stone, but adaptable to the rapidly changing world for which we design and develop solutions.

“We are prepared to take any risk that we believe will increase our security.”

Wolfram Weidner

Our overriding goal is to support you in the best possible way, facilitate your work and processes, reduce anxiety and give you security. With this goal in mind, we discuss requirements, plan sensible architecture, design processes and prototypes and develop efficient solutions. In order to optimize operations, we jointly define meaningful response and reaction times. And to keep and usually undercut them - that's a promise.


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