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Cloud Services

“The sky becomes beautiful only by a few clouds.”


Many paths lead to the cloud. Using the cloud means more than just storing and sharing documents. We search for and plan the most suitable way for you into the cloud, go it together or give you a push if you get stuck on the way. And yes, we will continue to be at your side in the future to warn you of sharp bends, keep to speed limits and check, validate and successfully manage route changes or new routes.

application operation infrastructure Reengineer Lift & Shift On Premises -70% -7% Operating costs of an application

Often existing applications (asis) can be moved and migrated largely unchanged into the cloud (lift & shift). In some cases, an existing application must be adapted in order to benefit from the mechanisms of a cloud (reengineer). This is done in the form of simple reconfiguration up to complete new development. In many cases, however, it is worthwhile to replace existing applications completely with Software as a Service solutions for financial, security and efficiency reasons. We design and develop individual software as cloud-native Software as a Service.

“I stand with both legs firmly in the clouds.”

Herman van Veen

With our Cloud Computing expert knowledge we jointly establish a "Cloud-First" culture in your company and help to break down classic IT barriers. We modernise your IT portfolio together by analysing, evaluating and selecting cloud services and SaaS offerings to suit your individual needs. We design and develop sustainable cloud-centric solutions, that are optimally adapted to your needs and the fast-paced digital world.

“Above the clouds, freedom must be boundless.”

Reinhard Mey

It's time to move your server room. Forget the daily tape backup and concentrate on your actual value chain. Our solutions are robust, scalable and secure. If they work for one user, they work for many. If desired, we ensure maximum availability and eliminate any downtime. Thanks to continuous performance checks and efficient troubleshooting, we ensure stable operation - as long as you want. You can be informed in real time, but you don't have to. If we can reduce your cloud service costs by tracking your cloud usage and identifying underutilized resources, we will do it - whether you like it or not. We've relied on Amazon Web Services for years using serverless architectures. Our technology stack allows us to focus on writing features and functionality without worrying about how to scale them. Nevertheless, we are constantly thinking, because stagnation means regression.


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